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Heidi & Nate’s Wedding Day Film

When I think back on Heidi and Nate’s wedding day, a couple of central themes came to mind. One of those themes was music. Heidi just so happens to be an amazing singer and performer (she sings for the jazz group Heidi Mikhail and the Justic League), so it was no surprise that the music that the couple chose throughout the day was some of the best wedding day music I’ve ever experienced. The breathtaking cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” that I used in the film was performed just before the ceremony by a fiend of the couple, Matt Thornton from Arizona. The couple also booked an amazingly entertaining band named Project Chameleon to play at the reception. They kept the party going late into the night!

Another theme that comes to mind is Heidi’s Egyptian heritage. Many of the wedding guests traveled from around the world to witness Heidi and Nate’s beautiful wedding. From Heidi’s henna art to the belly dancers, camel-shaped cookies and Egyptian-themed cake at the reception, many unique details contributed to making their wedding day special.

Heidi and Nate, thanks so much for letting me film your wedding day.

To see photos of the event, check out the amazing work of imijfoto here!

Lastly, many thanks to my beautiful wife, ericamay, for being my “second shooter” for this event!


Gina & Sal’s Wedding Day Film

Gina and Sal’s wedding day was such a beautiful fall day full of family, friends, storytelling, and laughter. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church close to downtown Kansas City, and their reception was in the Argosy Casino ballroom — and fun was had by all! Their family told their story much better than I ever could, so I decided to focus the storyline on the hilarious and touching toasts given by those closest to Gina and Sal.

Thanks to my beautiful Erica (of ericamay photography) for help filming the big day.

Gina and Sal, thanks so much for letting Erica and I be a part of your wedding day!

I hope you Enjoy!

Chris & Krystal’s Springfield, MO Wedding

Chris & Krystal’s wedding is one with a great story. What makes it even better is that as their friend, I’ve been able to experience a lot of their story firsthand… so this is going to be a long one… :)

I met Chris sometime around 2004. We were both students at Missouri State University in Springfield and we had a few mutual friends. I remember seeing him from time to time at concerts and other social events around Springfield before we met. Even before I met him, I had a feeling that he just had to be a super cool guy. Eventually we were introduced and became great friends. In those years, it wasn’t uncommon for a big group of 20-30 people to get together on a nightly basis and have fun themed parties. For example, we once had a “Breakfast Party” to which everyone brought their own box of cereal and we all watched “The Breakfast Club”. We had sushi-making parties, pancake parties, and often explored parts of Springfield that most people wouldn’t dare venturing to (such as climbing up fire-escape ladders of tall buildings in downtown Springfield — just to take in the view on warm summer nights). The bottom line is that some of my most vibrant, fun, spontaneous, and adventurous memories include Chris.

As we grew closer as friends, one of our other good friends bought a house and the three of us became roommates. While we lived together, Chris met a girl. Her name was Krystal. I remember how excited he was when they started dating. He’d talk about their relationship, and I could tell how intense his feelings for her were.

After several months of living in our friend’s house, I decided to transfer colleges and move to a different city, propose to  my then girlfriend (ericamay, of course!), and begin my voyage to eventually end up in Kansas City. Since I left Springfield, Chris and I have still remained great friends. I’ve been able to see his relationship with Krystal grow from afar.

I was so excited for both of them when I heard about their engagement. I couldn’t have been happier when they asked me to be their videographer. Every aspect of their wedding was amazing. The event took place at Peabody’s Farm near Springfield, and it was a beautiful venue for a hot summer wedding day. The details that Chris & Krystal chose (from the music to the decorations) added a vintage and rustic feel to their wedding day. The ceremony took place in the lawn and the reception was in the upper story of Peabody’s Farm’s big red barn. Everything came together to create a romantic and special event that I’ll never forget and am honored to have been a part of.

Chris and Krystal, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day — and more importantly, thank you for being my friends. I love you both and I love your story. I hope this film provides a little peek into that story of your relationship through one of the most special days in your lives together.


Anne & Sam’s Lawrence, KS Wedding

Anne and Sam are one of those couples who just exuded happiness their entire wedding day. I think that the toast that Sam’s brother gives about 35 seconds into the video perfectly summarizes Anne and Sam’s love for eachother — so much so that they’ve been caught eating with one hand so that they wouldn’t have to let the other’s hand go… in my opinion, that’s true love :) I feel blessed to have been able to document their wedding day and get to learn about who they are as a couple.

I met Sam and the guys at a disc golf course in Lawrence in the morning and then moved on to Anne’s family’s house several hours before the wedding in order to film the girls’ preparations. Their reception was at the beautiful Abe & Jakes Landing and I had the pleasure of shooting along side Chris Hsieh of La Brisa Photography.

Robin & Chris’ Kansas City Wedding Teaser

Robin and Chris are one of the most incredibly nice couples I’ve ever met. They asked me to film their wedding ceremony, and I couldn’t have had a better time spending a couple of hours with such a happy couple on their wedding day! Despite the rain outdoors, everything about the wedding from the decorations and details to the wedding party and the attendees made Robin and Chris’ wedding day so special. My beautiful wife, ericamay, photographed the occasion, so feel free to check out her photography blog post of Robin & Chris here.

Their ceremony was at Visitation Catholic Church in Kansas City, MO, which was one of the most gorgeous churches I’ve ever been in.